What is a Class?

A class is most easily defined as a pre-paid event. I try to host these regularly, but anyone can host a class. A fee will be required for *all* classes a head of time so that I can order and prep the supplies in enough time. My regular, monthly style classes are kept at $12. Other classes may cost more.

If I'm hosting the class:
- Card classes are the most popular event I offer. These classes might be focused on one technique (embossing, watercolor, etc) or they might be focused on the season (Christmas, Valentines, etc). You are welcome to request a technique you want to learn! These class times vary depending on the difficulty of the cards.
- Sometimes I do kit-classes which will use one package of designer series paper, or other product. These classes vary in number of cards created.
- If there is interest, I offer seasonally appropriate scrapbook classes. You may choose 8x11 or 12x12 size pages, and I usually provide three double-page-layouts. I try my best to make the pages work for any one so that your personal situation isn't a factor.

If you host the class:
You may invite anyone you like, just like with hosting a workshop. They will also be required to pay the fee a head of time. You may choose whichever kind of class you are interested in.
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