What is a Workshop?

A workshop is usually hosted by you, but sometimes I host them myself. For this page, we'll use You as the hostess.

Hosting a workshop is really quite simple. You and I settle on a date and time, you invite (and follow up with) your friends, have a table available for me and then you enjoy stamping with your friends! 
Typically I demonstrate three items and one of those is the make & take which you and your friends will have a chance to try. If there is a certain technique you want to learn, I try to incorporate it, unless its going to be very time consuming. If that's the case I will hold a class and do my best to plan it when you can attend. If you have no idea what you want to see, I will show a quick scrapbook page or card, a card using some kind of technique, and then a quick card as the make & take.
Refreshments are nice, but are not required. 
Workshops often last about two hours, but that also depends on the number of people you have attend, and how chatty we all are. Socializing with your friends is half the fun! 

Its best to invite more people than your living room (or other area) can hold, because we all have busy lives and there will be plenty of people who cannot attend. 
Invite anyone you can think of, not just people who stamp. You never know who is looking for something new to do or who might be interested in another option Stampin' Up! offers.
I will ask that you follow up with the people invited. The make & take supplies must be cut in advance so I need to know the number attending, as close as possible, understanding that things come up even for those planning to come. 
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