Friday, December 30, 2016

Cards in the Mail!

Let's switch gears for just a minute. This is my last installment of these cards for the year. Many of today's cards use supplies from the Holiday Mini. That catalog ends January 3, and some items are discounted. Be sure and check out the list HERE and HERE and place your orders ASAP!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

June Pages!

Hello again! Today I have two very different pages for the month of June...

This first one is very bright. I had seen a layout with a rainbow of sorts going across the page and figured out how to do that my own way. I also saw this photo layout and I was happy to make that work out too.
This one is simply the fact that I love this grunged up "Back to School" kit, and I was thinking summer = dirt. After I sent it to the printer, I realized the unintentional balance of how the people are placed. I was literally just throwing photos on at this point, but it looks like I put a lot more thought into it than that. 
 And now I have a secret for you....
I have a brand new stamp set, ink, and paper supplies sitting right next to my computer. Stamping on paper is my next task!! *happy squeal!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

May Pages!

Yep, still finishing up sharing the calendar pages. They were a hit, as always. And I enjoy seeing my family look for themselves on each page, and seeing everyone comment on the photos I chose, haha!

Both of these pages were entered in the latest VSBN (Virtual ScrapBooking Night). The first is the "product challenge" to use anything on a reel- string, ribbon, washi tape...
 And the second uses the sketch challenge. Which you already know is usually my favorite... *wink.
I did find two flaws in my calendars, after printing them... the first is this cover. What is wrong with this cover?
I only make one cover and they both get it. I showed it to my husband ahead of time, and he really liked it. I showed it to my son, who also really liked it. Four days after sending the second calendar to the printer, for no particular reason, I realized this is the 2017 calendar and there is not a 7 on the cover...!!! 
.....the photos are all from 2016....maybe that's what I meant...?? argh.....
The second flaw was that I put my brother's anniversary wrong. I figured it out for 2016, not for 2017. Nice... 
Other than THAT, they turned out great. haha..... minor detail...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to each of you!
I hope today is a peaceful and happy day, and that you are surrounded by friends and family!

I just wanted to share a couple of things with you...
First, the Christmas card I sent out 75 copies of.

And here is my current favorite youtube video. It will definitely bring the Spirit of Christmas to your day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

April Pages!

Maybe we'll get thru the calendar before Christmas, but I doubt it! haha..... There is just SO much to do!

I believe today is the last time I show an edited page to add the baby... So first up is the page I originally shared in September... Why I even made this page is beyond me because it was just days before she was born! Oh well.... it was cute then!
But it's even cuter when I swap the arrow out for a baby picture, and add another baby picture just for fun! haha!

And for the other calendar, I crammed every member of the family on there! Yeay!
And if you were wondering- one of them has arrived to my house and just needs wrapped to be given! ...waiting impatiently on the other one! haha....

Monday, December 19, 2016

March Pages!

Another very quick post for your Monday!
I just wanted to share the March calendar pages with you!

First up, the original page, which I first shared HERE...
And then how I updated it for the actual calendar!

 And finally a brand new page for the other calendar!
 Personally I am grateful they are on their way from the printers! How about you? Did you make crafts for Christmas? Are they done?? *grin

Friday, December 16, 2016

Two quick things

Right now it isn't a lack of material to share- its a lack of time to type it up! So tonight I have a quick idea for you... 

Obviously we are in a new neighborhood this Christmas. We usually do little plates of goodies for neighbors, but this year even more we wanted to get out there and introduce ourselves. (Tho to be honest, of the six homes on our street, at least one of us had met all but one family!) As we were assembling plates, my husband commented in surprise that I wasn't adding anything stampy as part of introducing myself. That is because exactly none of my stamp supplies are unpacked! I dug around for some Paper Pumpkin kits and threw together some speedy tags, using the stamps from the newest kit and the precut tags from two November's ago! So here's a quick idea for gift-giving! 

The second thing I wanted to share is that even tho I'm not mailing out stamped cards this year, (our card was created in the long-retired MDS) I had my daughter stamp the trees from the newest Paper Pumpkin kit at the bottom of our newsletter, and I added a bit of Washi tape to the back of each envelope! Still a little hint of pretty on the cards going out! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One sketch, two seasons!

Today I am showing exactly how to use a sketch. The original layout I saw is HERE. It is a sketch because there aren't photos or actual embellishments on the page, just an outline of where to put them all. Mine is obviously not a copy, but it was clearly used as inspiration. I adjusted it to fit an 8x11.5 page and simplified it somewhat...
and created a bright, fun page for July, for one calendar....

And then a cool, wintery page for January for the other!

What do you think about that? That's why I enjoy using sketches so much. They're perfectly adaptable to whatever you need your project to be!

Monday, December 12, 2016

February Pages!

Hello again, and happy Monday! I had a very productive weekend- how was yours? While I finished the calendars (yep! They're finished AND sent to the printer!) and the kids helped me get about half of our Christmas cards ready to send, my husband installed the garage door opener, hung a clothes line, coat racks and clocks! Yeay projects! haha....

Today I'm showing the February page from one calendar...

And then again, an updated page! I first created this in February and shared it HERE...

and below is how I updated it to add another person!

So simple- swap out one long photo for two smaller ones! And they are sweet ones! haha.... this page is fun because it shows us telling our older kids and grandparents about the new baby coming. I love it.

That's all for today, but I have lots more to share so come back another day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

January Calendar Page 1!

Hello!! Yep, I'm still alive and well, just zero stamping time! We moved into our new house the day after Thanksgiving and we have most of our day to day things unpacked but not 100%. That is a work in progress if ever there was one...! And since I knew I wouldn't have stamping time for a long while, I went so far as to leave much of my current stamp supplies at my parents in case my mom has more time than I do!

However, December means Christmas and Christmas means gifts, and around here that means calendars for both of our parents for Christmas! I make a calendar of just our little family for my inlaws and a calendar of all my parents posterity for them, which means I now have a lot of pages that need done....and then shared here! I fully intended to do these pages throughout the year so I wasn't cramming this month (cramming, like I have so many other years...!) I did get a few done, but now that my baby and my nephew were born, I'm having to go back and edit some pages!

Like this one!
I shared this page HERE last January, back before I found out I was expecting a baby and had time to do this, haha...
 But now, the page looks like this!
Fortunately it is very easy to make changes in digital scrapbooking, haha!
And fortunately for you, this means I have many posts planned to share with you!
I hope your December is off to a great start!
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