Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great ideas...

You know, every time Stampin' Up! offers a new bonus for signing up to be a demonstrator someone asks me to give them reasons. This time, with the super cute tote as a free gift, I've had two ask. So here's a fun perk: Ideas. Unlimited ideas. See this card?

It is completely based on a card I found on the demonstrator site as a possible workshop idea! My only modification was putting on a vanilla base, and making it full card size, instead of the cute 3x3 they designed. I love it!

Stampin' Up! has monthly workshop suggestions with a full list of what you need to make the projects, and it often has a time frame, like, "this card will take under ten minutes", "this page under 15", so that you can plan your workshop accordingly.

Want more reasons to join? Here's what I think...

- Having this as a business MAKES me craft. It MAKES me take time out for myself to do something I truly enjoy. As a mom I tend to forget that. I'm lucky enough to have a supportive husband who lets me spend some time crafting, and I justify it by calling it business.

- Classes and workshops give me a chance to teach people a fun and fairly quick way to be creative. I get to hang out with grown ups for a while and enjoy some fun girl time!

- I already addressed unlimited ideas, but I'm not kidding. Stampin' Up! offers all kinds of ideas online and in our monthly magazine. There is also a demonstrator website bursting with stamp ideas.

- Training. Stampin' Up! spotlights techniques and tools (both online and in the magazine) so that you actually knwo what you're doing with that cool new product you just bought. Stampin' Up! offers business training on all aspects of the home business. Plus, Stampin' Up! offers awesome group training with a yearly Convention and regular, smaller Regional trainings. I have attended one of each and wish I was able to do more. They are so. much. fun. and so inspiring, for all levels of your life.

- I get a discount on my crafting supplies and am able to spend "my" money on scrapbooking instead of "family" money. Its also taught me to be pretty good at keeping to a budget and keeping track of where I am financially. I have been fortunate enough to not need this income, but its a wonderful thing to know that I could do more if I choose, or if I do need to.

So. If you are ready to have these fun perks in your life, and have the chance to run your own business, and get this super cute craft tote bag,

let me know and we'll complete your paperwork before October 18th!

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