Monday, November 14, 2016

October Calendar Page 1

Well, we closed on our house last week, finally got the keys a few days later, and started moving in! We won't be done moving stuff in for another week or two, and we're going to get some painting and installing done before we actually move in. But that is definitely cutting into my creative time...! And so today's is another quick post.

I did get a calendar page done tho, and that's worth sharing! haha. This is the Halloween pics of all nine of my parents grandchildren!
Yes, I used MDS, and yes, it is retired. But maybe you have it or maybe you have some of these papers laying around! So here's a fun way to use it! haha! 

MDS Downloads: Eat Drink & Be Scary, Days to Remember, Storytime, Mis-Stitched, Back to School, Playful Polka Dots

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