Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Band Practice Pages

I didn't plan to scrap much of their band practices, if any at all. And we ended up with two pages! 

This first page is really only to show the every day. His band teacher posted on fb, a picture and some info, often. With these pictures, I felt like that was important to preserve. Things like: 
 "We couldn't see the yard lines so the band spent rehearsal today on the track. These kids deserve a lot of praise. They are such a hard-working, dedicated bunch of people."
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And then these pictures I didn't plan to take, so they're awful quality with my phone camera! This was the last practice for I believe 14 seniors, most of whom have been doing marching band for four years. On this particular day, my son was supposed to be to work at 5, but band ended at 5 (always) so he was going to be a little late. Since he had to work, I had to pick up my daughter, and I was across the valley, hurrying to the school as quickly as I could. I got there about 530 and they were all STILL standing together, hugging and sobbing, including my son who was supposed to be at work! ACK! But I took a few pictures and then of course had to scrap them for him.
(it was a tiny bit funny because the very next day they were all getting on a bus for an overnight trip to the state band competition...oh and they'd continue to go to school together, up til the point the world shut down.....but they were sure sad to see this come to an end.)  
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