Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful Jar

What are you thankful for? We have started a little Thankful Jar in our family. It was intended to be a countdown to Thanksgiving, but I received it late, and besides, I think it should continue thru the entire holiday season. So each morning my kids are taking turns drawing out a slip of paper with a reminder of something we are thankful for, and a way to express their gratitude. Today's selection said "I am thankful for my cousins! Write a letter to one of your cousins!" ...only problem is my kids have a LOT of cousins. In fact, a good number of who they consider their cousins are actually the children of their first cousins. :) LOTS to choose from! They each chose three cousins to make a card for....and look how fun it was!
But....their choices left out a little one whose older siblings would get mail...and I didn't want her feelings hurt! So I threw together a Thankful card for her! It is extremely simple, but hey, she's a very small girl!
Here are the three cards my son did. He wrote and filled the insides. Yeay for cousins!


  1. Adorable! I love what you all came up with. I also LOVE your profile pic! Beautiful!

  2. What a good little mommy you are!


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