Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pages from a video

I haven't posted in 14 days! I am so sorry! I have crafted a ton, believe it or not. My grandmother passed away and I was put in charge of sorting thru pictures and creating a slideshow to play at the viewing and funeral. That was on top of the busy work week I had, all the other things I needed to do, and the funeral itself required a 12 hour drive (and 12 hours back) for a 4 day stay, wherein I had a crazy bad allergic reaction to something in a bean burrito from this grandmothers favorite restaurant in the world. It made for quite a whirlwind week!
I created the slideshow on My Digital Studio of course. *grin. For one thing, I didn't want just photos. Both of my parents have received dvd's full of old family photos at similar events and when we looked at them, didn't know who half the people in the photos are, much less what they're doing or why. So sad!! I knew I'd be sending copies of this disk to all of my cousins and a few other people and I wanted them to know the significance of these photos. And even if they already do, they're children and grandchildren will need to know too, lol! So while I wanted to let the photos do the talking, I wanted journaling added to most photos, and a few embellishments to make the screen a little more interesting.
I created 125 frames, and we fit three songs into the background, ending at almost exactly 12 minutes. I worked on this project every spare minute I had last week to get it done on time. (4:30 am the day of the viewing...!) I discovered that using my camera with the flash setting off to snap a photo of the photos worked better in most cases than scanning. Then I had to edit the photos, then build the page and add the journaling. lol. Also I wanted the video to be as chronological as possible since that's the whole point- to feature her life.
When working with My Digital Studio, you can create your own project, without the layouts provided, but you can also select a photo layout within the project. One of the options, at least with the DVD project, is to have the photo fill the screen. I did that 11 times. This is my favorite full screen photo:
and here are a few other random favorite pages.....

 my mom is one of those cute little girls.
my grandparents always showed their love for each other and I used 24 slides of just the two of them. They were married 57 years before my grandfather passed away.

That final page is the only slide that did not have her in the picture, but it captures the trips to the cabin and the way she created those trips for all of us grandkids.

Anyway, this is what has been keeping me busy. I have a class scheduled for this Friday so hopefully I'll have a chance to get some paper crafting done soon!


  1. You did a beautiful job!!!

    ...and thanks for always being so encouraging with YOUR comment!:))

  2. Tanya, I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. You can tell by the incredible presentation that you put together that you loved her very much. Looking at some of her pictures... you look like her! I imagine you've heard that before.

  3. Love, love love it! Thanks for all your time. You are the best!


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