Tuesday, December 6, 2016

January Calendar Page 1!

Hello!! Yep, I'm still alive and well, just zero stamping time! We moved into our new house the day after Thanksgiving and we have most of our day to day things unpacked but not 100%. That is a work in progress if ever there was one...! And since I knew I wouldn't have stamping time for a long while, I went so far as to leave much of my current stamp supplies at my parents in case my mom has more time than I do!

However, December means Christmas and Christmas means gifts, and around here that means calendars for both of our parents for Christmas! I make a calendar of just our little family for my inlaws and a calendar of all my parents posterity for them, which means I now have a lot of pages that need done....and then shared here! I fully intended to do these pages throughout the year so I wasn't cramming this month (cramming, like I have so many other years...!) I did get a few done, but now that my baby and my nephew were born, I'm having to go back and edit some pages!

Like this one!
I shared this page HERE last January, back before I found out I was expecting a baby and had time to do this, haha...
 But now, the page looks like this!
Fortunately it is very easy to make changes in digital scrapbooking, haha!
And fortunately for you, this means I have many posts planned to share with you!
I hope your December is off to a great start!

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