Friday, December 16, 2016

Two quick things

Right now it isn't a lack of material to share- its a lack of time to type it up! So tonight I have a quick idea for you... 

Obviously we are in a new neighborhood this Christmas. We usually do little plates of goodies for neighbors, but this year even more we wanted to get out there and introduce ourselves. (Tho to be honest, of the six homes on our street, at least one of us had met all but one family!) As we were assembling plates, my husband commented in surprise that I wasn't adding anything stampy as part of introducing myself. That is because exactly none of my stamp supplies are unpacked! I dug around for some Paper Pumpkin kits and threw together some speedy tags, using the stamps from the newest kit and the precut tags from two November's ago! So here's a quick idea for gift-giving! 

The second thing I wanted to share is that even tho I'm not mailing out stamped cards this year, (our card was created in the long-retired MDS) I had my daughter stamp the trees from the newest Paper Pumpkin kit at the bottom of our newsletter, and I added a bit of Washi tape to the back of each envelope! Still a little hint of pretty on the cards going out! 

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