Thursday, December 29, 2016

June Pages!

Hello again! Today I have two very different pages for the month of June...

This first one is very bright. I had seen a layout with a rainbow of sorts going across the page and figured out how to do that my own way. I also saw this photo layout and I was happy to make that work out too.
This one is simply the fact that I love this grunged up "Back to School" kit, and I was thinking summer = dirt. After I sent it to the printer, I realized the unintentional balance of how the people are placed. I was literally just throwing photos on at this point, but it looks like I put a lot more thought into it than that. 
 And now I have a secret for you....
I have a brand new stamp set, ink, and paper supplies sitting right next to my computer. Stamping on paper is my next task!! *happy squeal!

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