Wednesday, November 28, 2018

June Pages

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, and survived all the travel and sales and storms! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, did a little shopping after the big, crazy hours, and traveled again to a family event on Sunday. It was a really nice weekend, even tho I am still kind of exhausted from it, haha... And then all the catch up on Monday and other big projects on Tuesday and I'm only getting around to crafting today!

I was trying to post these pages each Monday morning, but I've been in a fight with the long retired software so it took most of today to get three pages recreated a third time, sigh. I only have two pages left to make and then they'll be completely done! Considering it isn't even yet December, I am extremely excited about this! Hoping for no more stubborn battles with the software.......!

So first my inlaws June page...

And then my parents June page! These pictures were from all over the year, tho the one of my own little family was taken in June, haha!
What kind of crafting are you doing for Christmas? Have you ever made a photo calendar? They're kind of a hit....!

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