Friday, January 3, 2020

Birthday Cards!

For a while now I've wanted to do better about sending out birthday cards. I always know it's someone's birthday ON their day, which means I rarely have enough time to send out a card... The year after I married my husband, we sent a birthday card to every member of the families we grew up in, plus their kids. Now that number has grown to an unmanageable list (seriously. 163 that I know of). But! I can do better with friends for sure. And we can still send birthday cards to our parents, siblings, and any kiddos that live "at home"! But that means I need a big stash of birthday cards!

Have you seen the Paper Pumpkin kit that came in December? Well, it's kind of perfect for this plan, haha.
It actually came with a fabulous set of greetings- 13 different ones in fact. Another goal I set for myself in 2020 was to assemble my Paper Pumpkin kits. I've started almost all of them but not finished a lot... So this morning I put the entire kit together, as birthday cards!
That's 12 new cards, ready to go! And Paper Pumpkin kits come with envelopes so they really are ready to send out! Fun, huh??
Here's a closer look -

And one of my favorite things about these kits is all the left over bits. There is always so much, in addition to the stamps and ink spot you get to keep forever. 
Ordinarily I'd toss the sticker sheets that are used up, but I'm thinkin' I could punch and die cut some shapes out of that gold foil sticker...! Lots of fun to be had with this kit!!

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