Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Completed Project!

Waaaay back in Feb of 2016 I started putting together a Project Life album of our family vacation the summer before. That day I got about half of it assembled, and I even blogged it HERE. Then I had to put it away, probably to make dinner, haha, then I never got back to it. As in, we moved a few months later, and I had a baby a few months after that, then we moved again, and it's been in a box! Til this summer! I think in August I assembled the rest of it, completely putting everything together. (that's 18 pages, plus tidbit details) Then today, hahaha, I finally got all the journaling done for the whole trip! And that was a lot of pages! 29 finished pages! 

Here's just a few to show you what I did and how easy Project Life/pocket style scrapbooking is, once you get everything turned the right direction, lol. That can be tricky, and is definitely the most time-consuming part. After that it's so fast! (It only took four and a half years! But really just three days....)

The very last page was done traditionally, because what do you do with the other side of a pocket page, when you dont' scrap chronologically? haha.... I still used the pocket inserts and the little accessories that came in these Project Life kits.  
I'm quite happy with how it all turned out! AND I'm excited to get that whole week on the shelf for my kids to enjoy!

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