Friday, November 20, 2020

Teacher Gifts

This is the second PP kit I started to finish up the other day. This is the Gift of Fall kit from Aug 2019. I put together this cute gift sack for one of the teachers. She'll get a candy bar and a few cards to use. 
This teacher will also get a few cards to use, plus a Walmart gift card. Her thank you card was made around the time this kit came out, so I used more of the blue in the gift sack to go with it. 
And a couple more teachers will get a thank you card, and a Walmart gift card each. 

I've never done teacher gifts at Thanksgiving before, usually only at Christmas and the end of the year. But right now, I figure the teachers do so much when it's "normal" out there, I can't imagine how stressed out they are this year!! Do you know any teachers who could use a paper hug? I have two little gift sacks left! Want one? Let me know! 

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