Friday, November 2, 2012

Divided Page Protectors!

Those on my email list have been told this post was coming...for months. *sad! This was my first purchase from the current catalog when it came out and the latest to finally play with, but I am excited to show this to you!

First, some info: I have seen Divided Page Protectors for a while in the general crafting world and thought it looked like a fun way to scrapbook - especially for those who are intimidated by scrapbooking. This concept allows you to only "scrapbook" a section, instead of a whole 12x12 page.
But there IS a slight catch...Personally, {and scrapbooking IS personal, you have to find what works for YOU} I scrapbook the photos I want to scrapbook right now but I like my books to be chronological. Which means, in order to use one page of these Divided Page Protectors, it has to work with the next event.
Solution? Use these sheets with photos that were printed "in order", or a big event that will take several pages, or even a single event book!

I started with a 4-day family reunion from last fall! I knew this would be a several-page-series so I printed off some of the photos and got started. (I know its hard to see- its really hard to photograph shiny plastic! but you should be able to click on the photos to see them larger...maybe that will help?)
page 1a:
page 1b:
See how nicely that works out?? I'm quite happy! I only scrapped a 12x6 inch section, big enough for a bit of mood-setting colors and stamps, and plenty of journaling, but not overwhelming or even all that time consuming!

And this next one is a really neat layout anyone should be comfortable with, just like all those photo albums we have stuffed with pictures from our old film cameras!!
Since this page is full, I will do the journaling on the facing page, which is fine because look at all the photos I just fit in here! The part of me that is obsessed with snapping pictures is very happy with a page like this, LOL!

And, to fit the back side of the above page protector, I looked at the photos I still need to print and selected the perfect ones for the next round of photo printing! I'll print 5 shots and journal and embellish the final slot! Isn't that easy?!
Is this simple enough to get YOU scrapbooking? Its only $5.95 to order 10 Divided Page Protectors from Stampin' Up! Find it on page 169 of the current catalog. It would make a fun Christmas gift for your scrapbook buddies too!!


  1. This really is such a great idea to get going on scrapbooking. Love it, Tanya.

  2. Oooh I've been wanting to try those divided pages! tfs!!


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