Friday, June 19, 2009


In high school I took a creative writing class. Twice. (because I loved it, not because I failed it) The end of year assignment took up the whole 4th quarter and we were to write 100 pages of ANYTHING. It could be one long story or play, it could be 100 pages of poetry, essays, short stories, whatever, it just had to be 100 pages of newly written material. That's easy to handle in small doses and the quarter would start out well but by mid-term no one was dong much work in class- juts a lot of chatting. Our teacher would randomly shout "WRITE!" throughout the class period and being the relaxed kind of classroom it was, we'd tell him we didn't have any ideas, or we were all thought-out or whatever, and he was convinced that if we'd just WRITE, then once we'd get going, things would come. Well, tonight lesson? STAMP! Just STAMP! it comes! LOL!

Father's Day is this weekend and I have masculine cards hanging out here. I gotta do SOMETHING...! But I'm tired. its been a really long couple of weeks and I haven't stamped in so long already....... I had no ideas and was surfing for ideas that used stamps I have here...and it wasn't helping. Just kind of making me more tired. So okay, okay, I pulled out two images from Wish-RAK that work really well for men's cards and hello! I love what I did with them! haha! Lets keep going!! ...never mind that its nearly midnight and I have a long day tomorrow too... *wink*.

So. next time you lose your stamping mojo....STAMP! It'll come! hee hee!

I am *hoping* to get a new camera this weekend. Whenever I do, I will post some photos. Maybe not of these cards because well, they should have been in the mail yesterday at the latest... but maybe I can still snap them up in weeks to come when we visit grandparents! But I WILL post SOMETHING. as soon as I can.

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