Saturday, December 31, 2011

A different craft...

I am the kind of person who likes to make gifts, rather than buy the latest junk at the store. I also have a small obsession with photos. So when I can combine the two, and please any age, that's the ideal gift for me to give, right? So when I saw THIS idea a few months ago, I started gathering photos of a few family members to put it together!

For my little nieces, I picked pictures that were mostly just themselves, with a sprinkling of family members. I made photo placemats, just like I saw on the other blog, heavily laminated, and big enough for a table setting. But I also told my SIL they could easily be hung on their bedroom walls!
(this one thought it was 'so funny' that there was a picture of her and Grandma)
My sister had asked me to print off "a bunch of photos of her and other people". Um... She's spent the autumn away at college, and most of us know how friendships can fade and change after leaving high school. I thought it would be best to use photos of family members, because like it or not, those relationships are here to stay, lol. So I created a poster for her, same size as the placemats, full of pictures with her and her parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents and cousins.
I did one for my brother too, but don't have a decent picture of him... here's his poster tho:
Anyway, when it came time to wrap these posters, my husband suggested a frame would make it easier. Soo I ran to Walmart, the afternoon of Christmas Eve, to get frames for their gifts! LOL!
And there you have it, some quick and pretty easy photo gifts! ...for next year! :)

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