Friday, February 19, 2016

Vacation Project Life!

My creative time has been extremely limited this month, but I did assemble most of a second PL album the other day!
I'm not yet counting these pages as "done" because there is zero journaling...
and I do still have probably ten pages that need photos trimmed to fit the slots.
But! the kids have already been looking at this album, and discussing memories of the vacation and what we could do this summer, haha!

Once again, my PL process is to put the photos in order, add PL cards to my stack, put them in the PL pages, trim down photos, then add journaling and card stock to fill the empty slots. And it is SO fast and that motivates me to do more! Can't beat that! *grin

I took this picture of the pile of pages, ready to be trimmed. I didn't complete it all before I had to clean up, but I liked how it showed the reality of the process, haha.

And some completed pages for your inspiration!

Of course most of the currently fully completed pages have no journaling spots, haha, but just add it to the facing page and you're covered! And you already know how many photos I take and like to fit in my scrapbooks- just another reason this is a great method for me!

Our vacation included some camping in the mountains, the kids first time to play in a lake and at the "beach" of said lake, and camping at the only amusement park we have in this state, and then a day spent there. A little hiking, and a lot of game playing.

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