Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Calendar Pages 4

July and August today!
This first page was one of the last I did for my inlaws. I was so fried, it was super late, and sleep is kind of hard to come by right now with a teething baby who also has a cold...and only wants her mama... My husband sat with me as I looked at past calendar pages for layout ideas (I didn't use any layout ideas this time. I just crammed photos on, with every page, snort...). He liked the pennants I used on a previous year and made some suggestions and pretty much designed this page! Incidentally he also designed his parents cover. Love that!!
My nieces' dance group was in a parade so I thought this parade of kids was perfect. Too bad it took til now to realize I should have included my son in marching band parades on the same page! whoops!

and here are some August pages.

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