Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Calendar Pages!

The only reason I haven't posted every day this month is because I've been too busy- there is plenty to share and show off, haha! One of the things I've been doing as fast and furiously as possible is putting together the photo calendars I make every year for our parents Christmas gifts. There's a shipping date to consider here, people! And, I get to make two calendars because my mom wants her whole family (from my parents down) on as many pages as possible, and there is no way to do that with my in-laws. The family is simply waaaay too big.

Today I'll share both calendars' January and February. Then I plan to alternate pages with cards and post most weekdays.
I still make these pages in the now-long-retired MDS or My Digital Studio that Stampin' Up! sold a few years back. That means everything you see IS a Stampin' Up! image, even if it is no longer available.I figure, I own the software- I may as well use it! Then I upload the page as an image with a printing company, and that's how we get the calendar.
Also, keep in mind I haven't scrapbooked one single thing since last December when I crammed two calendars into something like a weekend.... to say I was rusty is a huge understatement... hahahahaha!! Some times I've done really detailed pages and added lots of sorts of things. These pages are some of the simplest I have ever made. But I'm still quite happy with how they turned out!



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