Thursday, December 26, 2019

Back to the Calendars!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas day with loved ones! I decided to save the last of the calendar pages for the rest of this month now that they've been given, so let's go!

This page doesn't look much like March, but my mom's least favorite color in the world is green (her mother was obsessed and went completely overboard filling her life with green, haha). So by the time I got to this page, I'd already done three green pages plus the cover, so I promised her no more focus-on-the-color-green, haha! Her favorite color is purple, and since I already thought the next best thing to a green March page was a St Patrick's Day rainbow, I pulled shades of blue and purple from this fun rainbowy print.

And here is the April page for the same calendar. It's a little tricky getting everybody on there, and sometimes I just can't! But here's a good attempt!

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