Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 4!

So, after a week of no posts, I have returned!
I was doing so good with scrapbooking and blogging and everything...and then I got sick. Worse than that, both of my kids got sick a few hours before I did- so all three of us literally just laid around for two days. UGH.
Now I'm playing catch up on every aspect of my life, LOL!
I'm behind on mailing letters, how are you doing?
I'm behind on my weekly pages...
I have sooo much to do around my house and work to catch up on too...

But for today, I will leave you with my Week 4 page! And one day I'll move away from soft blues, I promise, hahaha!
Supplies: My Digital Studio, 2013 SAB Content Disk

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