Thursday, December 18, 2014

January & February!

I know, you're thinking...I already used those titles recently! You're right- I have finished the calendar for my inlaws and now I'm working on the calendar for my parents! well, actually, no, I'm done (YEAY!) and have sent it to the printers and really hope it is here in time for Christmas Day....but I am now sharing my parents calendar pages! haha....

This one is for February. The wood background is recolored from the Espresso wood DP in the Wonderfall download. I sized it into wood planks and added some Vintage Trinkets as nails! Then I went for a scattered bulletin board look with the photos, so I attached them with silver brads that might look like pins. Pretty simple, but I really like it!
And here is the January page. And yes, it is almost exactly the same as my inlaws....I was totally burned out on creativity at this point, and I really loved how that page turned out so why not just use it again?! So I did! 
um....I just went searching my blog to link to my inlaws page and it would appear I never shared it?? So here's that one, haha!
And this one is really owed to a Vintage Overlay. The gray and blue is all from that. I added the snowflakes and the sequins...oh, and the white ink splatters that look like snow falling... Very simple, very pretty!

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