Tuesday, December 23, 2014

German Christmas Cards!

Today's cards are not very different from things I've already shared, but they are just a little bit, so I'm sharing them anyway!
When I was 15 I went on a five week "exchange-student" trip to Germany. My school and the school in Germany had a partnership and the German kids came for 5 weeks in the spring and we went to the same family's for 5 weeks in the summer. Ten weeks with a friend, no matter how "required" it started, kinda binds a friendship, so after all these years, I still send Christmas cards...I try to send birthday cards, we email a few times a year, and! she called me on my wedding day and came to visit soon after my son was born!!
Stampin' Up!'s Watercolor Winter kit came with English, Spanish, French annnnd German words that you could choose to use on your cards. Well, I happen to know someone who speaks German as her first language, haha, so I put these two together for her!! My son chose the card to send this year, and I'll send the other next year! But how fun is that?!
These were made exactly the same as I did the English versions (shown HERE) just using the German words!
So there's something fun for you today!

Our treats are all made, the cards are all sent, some of the gifts are wrapped.... haha...Still plenty to do at my house!

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