Monday, August 24, 2009

53 Pages

I have mentioned in summers past that my parents host exchange students and that part of the program is you make them a scrapbook of the things they've done. My mom enjoys scrapbooking, but somehow this one always falls to me. So, about a week ago, I spent the day at my moms and pumped out 40 basic pages. The photos were still on the computer but I got the titles stamped and accents and borders! Then this weekend we finished it. Glued pictures down and did journaling for what ended up 53 pages, which obviously meant a little more stamping. They really were basic pages, but its still quite a bit of work. :) Especially in only one full day and one lonnnng night. So here's the stack of pages (this first one is SUPER basic! Wow...most of the rest have a lot more stamping) And this is my favorite little detail...the bottom of this page. Can you guess where my grandmother lives? LOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then, to totally switch gears, school started last week. Here's the pic of the first day! (just him, not her...she's sporting the "rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes" look... LOL)

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  1. Awwww, there's nothing sweeter than a first-day-of-school picture. Love this!


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