Tuesday, October 14, 2014

90 Years

I haven't gotten to create a whole lot this month, because I was focused on a different kind of project.
My father-in-law turned 90 this month, and there was a huge open house for friends and family to come visit!
(and no, I am not even close to old enough for that...my husband is 5 years older than me, and he was the baby of the family, by a long shot! My parents aren't even 60 yet!)

As part of the party prep, each of the children were asked to put together a display focusing on a facet of his life. The displays were centerpieces for round tables, where people were supposed to sit and visit and snack. We were assigned "family life and travels". I was overwhelmed for a minute but then I decided to find as many photos as we could of him enjoying his family life and travels, and display them! (The lighting in the large room we used was super lousy, and I've edited the photos the best I can) This is what we came up with:
the front
the back

My husband scanned in just about every picture we could find in that topic, and narrowed it down to 90 shots. I edited and printed them, and we framed a few (propped up against the vase) but most of the pictures were hung on the tree, back to back. The branches were stuck in a glass vase, and the vase was full of rocks to keep it stable. We had a map of the national park my inlaws have gone to many, many times, unfolded, on the table (in the first shot), and laid a plastic round tablecloth over it to keep it protected.
And this is what it looked like most of the evening. Yeay!
Its always nice to see your hard work appreciated, haha!

And in case you are looking for ideas for a similar project, the other displays were really cool too- I loved seeing the different ideas people had!
The welcome table: (courtesy JoAnn & girls)
Heritage: (courtesy Paul)

Church life: (both sides- courtesy JoAnn & kids)

Farming and gardening: (courtesy Pam)

 Mechanic & DIY'er "from before DIY was a term!": (courtesy Bruce)

 Childhood & Navy: (all three sides - courtesy Dawn)

 Hat Collection: (courtesy Jaimee)

 Career at the local Air Force Base: (courtesy Ryan & Nikia)

90 years is a big deal! *grin


Tell me what you think!

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