Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Paper Pumpkin!

Last week my pink box arrived in the mail! This was the one that $1 from the sale of each was donated to BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Fund) and the boxes were temporarily pink. Both of my kids commented that they liked the pink better than the reddish-orange that always comes, haha!

Yesterday I finally got to play with it! I really like this month's! It has supplies to make three sizes of cards, and make three of each. I started off by making one of each, I think exactly as the instructions say... Cute, huh??
The thing you don't realize looking at the finished product, is that the flowers and leaves come printed on two of the card pieces- then you get to stamp the outline on it for more definition!

(Winter is on it's way, and that meant it was tricky to get good photos...first it was pouring rain, then the sun came out but it was very, very windy and paper doesn't like to stand in wind, haha)

So here you can see an unstamped piece, and then the stamped part on the finished card- the leaves have an outline stamp and this kit comes with Basic Gray ink to outline it with! Then you add the twine, the gold sticker, and then greeting piece!
Here you can see the larger coral flowers now have an outline, but so do the tiny blue flowers! That tiny one actually comes in three sizes, and I chose the smallest! Tiny really = adorable! *grin

And finally, this one had the watercolor wash look printed on the paper, and you get to freehand the flowers and leaves however you like. Again, I followed the instructions pretty close for mine... too bad my looped twine didn't quite work out....
And there you have it- three (or nine) sweet little cards to give away!
And it was super quick too! The most difficult part was getting the thin bits out of the gold foil stickers, haha!

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