Wednesday, December 30, 2015

June Pages

Today I am sharing the June calendar pages with you!
Both layouts really focus on the photos more than anything.

This is my parents' page, and these are several of the family pictures we did in June. (the main photo hangs on the wall very near the calendar so I left that one off) We do our own because scheduling that many people for a photo is hard enough without adding in a photographer. Also, my dad has a really great camera, so all you really need is a tripod and a neighbor to pull faces and get all the kids to look that way, haha..... done and done!

And for my inlaws, all but one photo comes from our family vacation, so again, I wanted the photos to be the stars of the page. I also liked the quote I was using as my starting point so I included it too. To make the "sun", I layered two star punches of the same color, and then added a blue one behind it for a bit of definition.

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